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Antique Metal Aircraft Model

Our factory production of Antique  Metal Aircraft Model, All Pure Handmade, From The Template Clipping, Diecast, Grinding, Carved, Guard A Pass Good Each Product Details, And Really Do Product Accurate Proportion

Use material are the finest iron sheet metal and Tin, the quality can be guaranteed

Wonderfully handcrafted and hand painted metal antique toy replica airplane from our Antique Toy Reproduction and Model Collection. Each collectible metal toy plane is created to look just like the original model. Comes fully assembled. It is built to look aged and rough around the edges painted in a rusted red, silver, olive green and off white color combination - you'll love it!

Featured is this spectacular antique Metal Aircraft Model from our line of beautifully hand crafted .This elegantly crafted  antique car model is the perfect size for use as a decor in your bedroom/bathroom, dining room, or as the center piece in your living area/office. This decor piece provides a nice vintage style look for your surroundings.